On your marks

by editor Karin Bain

Ready … Starting

I didn’t realise at first how much money is needed to start a magazine. We had to pay a designer for the branding and various mock-ups. We printed proofs that littered the desks in the office. We wanted a striking magazine in black and white that will look really good but can be distributed and printed for less. As we are focusing on our youth as well looks are important.

There were people that received salaries in the developing phase. We bought a website and start to develop it. We want to have the Internet and Social media ready when the magazine go to the printers.

Steady … Marketing

The first magazines will be for free. We feel that everybody must read why we are so excited. In order to send copies to 400 congregations and 600 to various woman’s and youth conferences we need money to print and post them. We hope that through collections held at the conferences we will be able to fund some of these copies.

Go … print and post

Everything is ready and now the magazine must go to the readers. As I said the first copies will be for free. If you feel that you can make a contribution we would appreciate it immensely. It was a very large undertaking that was blessed up to now.

We praise God that He blessed us and guided us on our journey to publish the first English magazine for our churches and reformed Christians all over the world.

For Donations:
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