The week leading up to Easter Sunday

Read how Jesus Christ spent his last week before Easter Sunday, from the day He is anointed to the day He rises from the dead.

Saturday and Sunday

Jesus travelled to Jerusalem and arrived in Bethany on Saturday. He is anointed at Simon, the leper’s house. On Sunday, a large crowd gathered in Bethany to see Jesus.

Read: Matthew 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; and John 12:1-11.


The next day Jesus entered Jerusalem. He visited the temple and returned to Bethany. It was Nissan 10, when the Easter lambs were selected. So, entering Jerusalem is the day when He presented Himself as Israel’s Passover Lamb.

Read: Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-40; and John 12:12-19


On the way from Bethany to Jerusalem, Jesus cursed the fig tree that did not bear fruit and in Jerusalem He drove the sellers out into the temple courtyard. The leaders began their plot to kill Him. That night, Jesus left Jerusalem again and returned to Bethany.

Read: Mark 11:12-19; and Luke 19:45-48


On the way to Jerusalem, the disciples saw the shrivelled fig tree. At the temple in Jerusalem religious leaders questioned Christ’s authority and wisdom. That afternoon Jesus went to the Mount of Olives and spoke to the people who had gathered there. Two more things happened that day: Jesus foretold that He would be crucified with the Passover in two days, and Judas planned the betrayal against Jesus.

Read: Matthew 21:20-26: 16; and Luke 21:5-22: 6


Christ and his disciples prepared the Passover lamb and had the Passover meal together. Jesus speaks with his disciples from his heart and prays for them. They arrive at the garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus is anxiously awaiting what is to come. Later that night, Jesus was betrayed and arrested. The trials of Annas and later by Caiaphas and other religious leaders take place.

Read: Matthew 26:17-75; Mark 14:12–72; Luke 22:7-65; and John 15: 1-18:27


Early in the morning Christ was brought before the Sanhedrin, Pilate, Herod, Antipas and again before Pilate. He wore his cross and was crucified at 9:00. He died at 3 PM and was buried later that day. Jesus died at the same time as the Easter lambs were slaughtered.

Read: Matthew 27:1-60; Mark 15:1-46; Luke 22:66-23:54; and John 18:28-19:42


Jesus’ body was in the tomb during the Sabbath, and the Pharisees hired Roman soldiers to watch over him.

Read: Matthew 27:61-66; Mark 15:47; and Luke 23:55-56


Christ was raised from the dead. He was the first of many resurrections to come, such as the sacrifice of the first fruits. The first fruit offerings were made the day after the Sabbath.

Read: Matthew 28:1-15; Mark 16:1-13; Luke 24:1-35; Leviticus 23:9-14; and
1 Corinthians 15:23

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