New Testament

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Jesus prayed for us on the cross

The last words that Jesus said on the cross are very important to us. We must learn from it and live it every day.

What does it mean to forgive 70×7 times?

God sent his light to the world

Jesus is the true light –follow Him!

God's promises in the storm

Always trust in God’s promises

Old Testament

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Why is Jesus called “the light of the world”?

The Feast of Booths commemorates how God illuminated his people’s way with a pillar of fire when they left Egypt. This can help us understand what Jesus means when He says that He is the light of the world.

Hope for the future

The Psalms and the cross

Children’s Corner

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I can forgive, because God forgives

Teach children about forgiveness by reading about the parable of the unforgiving servant.

God keeps his promises

Colour: The greatest gift

Bible studies

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Repenting our sins like David

We need to follow the example of David we read about in Psalm 51: Recognise your sins and ask God for forgiveness.

The fall of mankind


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Jesus teaches us to pray to our Father in heaven

In the first petition of the Lord’s prayer, we learn to Whom we pray and how we should regard his Name as holy. Answer the devotional questions to truly understand what you are praying.

Pray that the Lord may take care of you daily

Jesus prayed for us on the cross