New Testament

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God's promises in the storm

Always trust in God’s promises

Do you hold onto God’s promises because you trust Him, or because you are afraid? God is always in control! By faith you can put your trust in Him.

You can find peace in the Lord’s nearness

Pray that the Lord may take care of you daily

Let go of the sinful man

Take courage in Jesus Christ!

Old Testament

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Hope for the future

God wants to face the future with you. Do you want Him to be with you on your life journey?

The Psalms and the cross

A story about Eve

Children’s Corner

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God promises to protect me like Daniel!

Daniel was thrown into a den of lions. But the Lord protected him, just like He will protect you. Read more and do the activities.

Colour the Easter verses

Colour: Jesus is our hope!

Bible studies

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Repenting our sins like David

We need to follow the example of David we read about in Psalm 51: Recognise your sins and ask God for forgiveness.

The fall of mankind


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Pray that the Lord may take care of you daily

What does it mean to ask for your “daily bread” in prayer? Read here what it means for how we should pray.

Jesus prayed for us on the cross

Repenting our sins like David