About us

The Cross Courier is a rather newly formed English publication of the Reformed Churches in Southern Africa. We want this magazine to be around for a long time and have devised several plans for it to be sustainable. One way is for the printable version to be done in a modern-looking newspaper style. This can be downloaded from our website and printed out, as many as you like! An even better way is to make use of the technology available to us. All the articles are always available on this website, and you can sign up for our newsletter so we can let you know when more articles are available.

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Proclaiming the glory of God

We believe that the Word of God is the only source of knowledge about God and that the Holy Spirit makes the Word known and understandable to all of God’s children. We also believe that the Word is crucial in the lives of all believers. As children of God we simply cannot do without it.

Our aim is to submit to God’s Word in every respect and in everything we publish. We want to be a tool to help believers understand their lives, the world around them, and everything they may encounter, in the light of God’s Word. We want our readers to gain a greater understanding and awareness of who God is, and to discover the depths of faith they profess in Jesus Christ. We also want to help readers with issues and questions around what they believe, and guide them to understand what the life of a Christian should look like.  

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How it started

The GKSA (Reformed Churches in Southern Africa) has well-established, Afrikaans reformed magazines. What a privilege! There is, however, no English magazine. There is not only a need for an English magazine, but time and again, we have seen that it is something the English members truly want.

In 2013 two issues of Crossroad magazine was published. More than 2000 copies of these issues were printed and given out at the youth conferences held in that year. People phoned the Admin Buro asking for more. Although there was a huge demand and we found the excitement contagious, the planning and support teams were inadequate. While handing out copies of Kruispad at the Synod of 2015 many of the English-speaking brothers asked for the English magazine. It was like a murmur went through the seats: “May I have an English magazine?” Unfortunately there were none to hand out.

The Youth deputies and other deputy groups received the task from the Synod to give attention to the publication of English literature. During the meetings of various deputy groups the role and content of a new magazine was discussed and an editor was elected. After meetings held in the Youth office we started to develop and publish the new English magazine.

You can help us

We are still in the process of taking more people on board. You can help us by giving feedback on the magazine and the website, liking us on Facebook, sending articles to office@crosscourier.co.za and joining the editorial team.
The survival of the Cross Courier is now in all of our hands. Join us in our journey.

We pray that the Lord will guide us and give us wisdom to continue with the Cross Courier.