Hope for the future

God wants to face the future with you. Do you want Him to be with you on your life journey?

by Rev. Hentie Krüger

There is something enchanting‚ almost mysterious in the change of seasons. It reminds you of the time: years, opportunities and dreams that come and go. It is then when one comes to a halt for a few moments and looks ahead in search of hope. That is why it is necessary to have a vision for the future. If you have a vision ‚you have hope. Because a vision always pushes you forward into the future in, with anticipation, and with goals.

Exodus 33:14-15

And he said, ‘My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.’ And he said to him, ‘If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here.

In Exodus 33 we read about the conversation between God and Moses. This follows the great history of the golden calf. Here Moses looks at what the road ahead will look like. Everything between God and Israel was in tatters. From that moment on, Moses also had no peace of mind. He was restless, he and the people were alone in the inhospitable desert, and he was sober and pious enough to know that he could not do it alone. when God then asks Moses if He should go along and give him peace, Moses’ answer is very moving. There is no question for him, either the Lord goes along, or they just stay where they are. God takes the anxiety and worry that Moses has for the future away from him.

Is your answer the same as Moses’?

For us, this is also a wonderful thought! There is nothing is this world, no joy or happiness, no labour or task, no disappointment or failure, no sorrow or death, where God is not with us. People may walk a mile with us ‚and those who love us very much‚ go a little further along. But somewhere along the road it stops, somewhere they reach a point where they cannot go any further. Then you have to carry on by yourself. But that’s when God is there, and when you can rest in Him. Even in this troubled world, God reassures us with his presence ‚his peace‚ his reconciliation and his comfort.

God’s presence makes a difference to one’s life. This is what Moses’ testimony boils down to: It is the presence of the Lord that causes us not to be hopeless people. We have a vision for the future. Because in our dream for the future God is already present. Do you want the Lord to be with you on your life journey? Not only as the Protector God ‚but also and especially as your King and Lord? God wants to walk with you. Surrender your future path unto the Lord, confess that you do not want to carry on as if you are in control, that you do not want to play architect over your life. Ask God to lead and place your hope in Him.

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